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Voted best massage on their trip through South East Asia: Chris' and Maria's travelblog Miracles, by the way, do exist. And you can buy them in one convenient package at a place called Fah Lanna Spa. I’ve never had a full spa day in my life and decided it was about time. I think I will always remember my life as existing in two separate pieces from now on. Pre-Miracle Package and Post-Miracle Package. I had a body scrub, body mask, hot oil massage, lotion massage, head and shoulder massage and facial within one miraculous little day. Life will never be the same. andreahugstheworld.com then headed over to Fah Lanna Spa (definitely recommended): On Curleysuze's travelblog

We head back to our hostel, recharged and walked our way to Fah Lanna. We sure were addicted. Today, we had a 2hrs massage instead of 1hr: On Here & There.

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"I have had hundreds of massages in my life (25 massages in the past 10 weeks in Southeast Asia), and I had the BEST MASSAGE OF MY LIFE at Fah Lanna Spa. Got a one hour foot massage and one hour Thai massage and I almost cried at the end with sheer happiness." - AnneXuan on TripAdvisor

"This place is made with passion for the art of relaxation. It's cosy, it's friendly and relaxed." - Maxi & Renzo (Switzerland)

"Absolutely amazing hot oil massage. I think I floated out of the place!! Absolutely wonderful. I've lived in Bangkok 4 years and this was the best! Thanks." - Vicky (UK)

"The service here was the best we had in all of Thailand." - Janella on TripAdvisor

"Pure BLISS!!! A must!!!!" - dam_imgood on TripAdvisor

"I absolutely LOVED this place. It's simple, yet so clean and professional. We stayed at The Chedi and it was just a few minutes walk away. In our 3 days in Chiang Mai, I think we went there 4 times. I wish they had places like this in New York!" - Shirasam on TripAdvisor

"My partner and I had the most wonderful massage at Fah Lanna Spa, a special memory we took home with us :o) The energy and music was very beautiful and our masseurs took us on a magical journey. We highly recommend you visit and ENJOY." - ucanbreakthru on TripAdvisor