Social Responsibility

Inspired by nature and with our traditional Lanna history and culture as a guiding principal, we designed the spa to be a welcoming place for all people to enjoy. We care about our community and the people in it and we believe that everyone can do something to give back to the community.

On a global level, we have the responsibility to care about the earth. We care about the environment and are fortunate that all water in our ponds and used around the garden comes from our own well. We reuse and recycle materials such as turning the herbs from the herbal balls into compost for our plants and using the strings from the herbal balls as wicks for our garden torches. The aluminum containers from the tea lights we use in the oil burners are collected and then we bring them to be reused and turned into prosthetic legs for the disabled. We make our own herbal drinks and use as much of the materials as possible. After we made our refreshing Roselle Herbal Tea, we use the flowers to cook Roselle jam, which we serve at our Café.

On a regional level, we support our wider community by supporting charitable organizations that provide education to children of migrant workers and refugees, that bring healthcare into internally displaced people in the border regions and that provide relief and assistance in underprivileged communities.

At a local level, we care about our community and all people in it. We created a number of initiatives to support our staff, such as financial support for the education of our staff children, providing emergency assistance loans, healthcare, social security, maternity leave, end of year bonuses, skill development training etc.