Our Inspiration

We are children of the North, the former kingdom of Lanna. We appreciate our arts and culture and love nature: our rice paddies and the mountains. We enjoy seeing people happy, their faces adorned with beautiful smiles. All this contributed to something that we built with love. It is called Fah Lanna Spa.

We take social responsibility through these six core initiatives to support our local, regional and global community.

ฮอม Horm

Saving energy and preserving natural resources by using ground water for our ponds and gardens, energy saving and water saving technology etc.

ม่วนอกม่วนใจ๋ Muan-oak Muan Jai

We actively promote the health and wellbeing of our staff and the local community by creating inititives such as our education fund for staff children, staff meals, recreational activities, skill training and much more.

ฮักล้านนา Hug Lanna

We love and appreciate our Lanna culture and want to preserve it by using Lanna language, wearing traditional clothes, promoting cultural activities both at the spa and in our community.

หวนปิ๊กมา Huan Pik Maa

We reduce waste, reuse materials where possible and recycle. We have many initiatives in this area, for example donating tea candle aluminium containers to manufacture prostethic legs or towels and linen to be reused in refugee camps .

หอมไม้เมือง Hom Mai Muang

Our green initiative to plant trees, flowers and herbs native to Northern Thailand, creating a natural green environment at the spa and in our local community.

กาดมั่วคัวบุญ Kadmuankuaboon

We regular organise a community market to raise money for charity, such as helping victims of the floods or our ‘Build a School’ program, building and supporting schools in remote hilltribe villages. For more information about our charitable causes, also visit our page about the charity work